Can You Repair a Garage Door Yourself?

It can be frustrating to encounter issues with your garage door. Perhaps you’ve noticed some strange noises coming from the motor, or maybe your garage door isn’t opening as quickly or smoothly as it should. These are all common signs that there is an underlying problem, and that you should seek out garage door repair.

Many homeowners might wonder if it’s a good idea to try their hand at fixing their garage door on their own. There are some common problems that you can easily fix yourself, while others will require professional attention. While it might seem tempting to save some money by making the repairs on your own, it’s not worth the risk of injury.

Attempting DIY repairs on these types of garage door issues can be very dangerous. The weight and overhead position of garage doors makes servicing them yourself a risky proposition. That’s why it’s best to leave garage door repair in Naples, FL to the professionals.

What Garage Door Repairs Can I Do Myself?

At Island Garage Doors, we’re here to help you with all of your garage door maintenance and repair needs. We provide timely service and emergency garage door repairs for all kinds of malfunctions. While we are happy to perform jobs big and small, you don’t necessarily need our help with everything. There are some common garage door repairs and maintenance needs that you can safely handle on your own. These include:

  • Replacing Garage Door Remote Batteries
  • Cleaning and lubricating tracks and rollers
  • Tightening up loose hardware like nuts and bolts
  • Cleaning the photo eye lens
  • Keep in mind that there is always the risk of injury with any garage door maintenance or repair project – so enlisting the help of experienced technicians is the safest and most reliable option. Luckily, the team of skilled technicians at Island Garage Door is here to provide exemplary service when and where you need it.

What Repairs Should I Leave to the Pros?

There are some issues that might affect your garage door that definitely call for professional service. In particular, problems requiring garage door spring replacement should be left to trained and experienced professionals. Garage door springs are under high amounts of tension, and tampering with them without the proper training or experience can be very dangerous. At Island Garage Doors, our technicians know how to safely remove and replace faulty garage door springs. They have all of the tools and parts for the job, so you can count on your repair tech to solve the problem properly from the first visit. If you’d like to schedule an estimate for garage door repair, we’re just a phone call away.