Garage Door Won’t Open or Close? 3 Common Causes

1. The Batteries In Your Remote Have Died

One of the most common causes of a garage door that won’t open or close is that the remote batteries are dead! To check, attempt to open or close your garage door by pressing the button on the wall transmitter. If this works – then you’re in luck! It’s likely that a fresh set of batteries for the remote is all you’ll need.

If replacing the batteries still doesn’t resolve the problem – there’s no need to panic! It could be that your remote is damaged or another part of the system is causing the problem.

A skilled technician from Island Garage Doors will be able to determine the root cause and provide a replacement for your faulty remote. We make it easy to schedule an appointment for garage door repair today. We are able to service many of the most popular brands and manufacturers.

2. The Photo Eye is Blocked, Broken, or Out of Alignment

Have you noticed those small boxes mounted on either side of your garage door that look like tiny video cameras? Those are the photo eyes – and they play a vital role in the opening and closing of your garage door.

The photo eye’s job is to detect any objects that cross the path of the door as it opens and closes. This is a safety measure to ensure that the door can automatically stop in the presence of a person, animal, or vehicle.

The photo eye works by sending an invisible beam across the line of your garage door which is detected on the other side. If the beam is blocked, this signals for the garage door to stop, and it won’t be able to open or close until the object is removed.

If your garage door won’t open or close – the first order of business is to examine the photo eyes. You might find that they have become blocked by dust or dirt – or perhaps there is an object in the way. The photo eyes may also be out of alignment.

If you find that any part of the photo eye system appears damaged, you can schedule a garage door repair appointment with Island Garage Doors to have the problem checked out and fixed right away.

3. Broken Springs and Track Alignment Issues

Did you hear any strange or alarming noises before your garage door stopped working? If you happened to be home and heard a loud bang from your garage – it’s probably not fireworks! This is a telltale sign that one or more of your garage door’s torsion springs have broken.

Without a functioning set of torsion springs, your garage door won’t be able to open or close properly. Since garage door springs are under high tension, attempting to adjust or replace them yourself can be dangerous. If the springs aren’t the problem, it’s possible that your garage door track has come out of alignment.

In either case, it’s best to call in the professionals. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Island Garage Doors to ensure that the damaged springs are removed and replaced safely. Our technicians have the tools and training needed to accurately diagnose and repair the problem with lasting results.