How Do I Know If My Garage Door Motor Is Broken?

Do you suspect that your garage door motor is broken? When your garage door isn’t opening or closing – it’s not always easy to tell what the root cause might be. Of course, a malfunctioning garage door motor is a common culprit. To help you determine whether this is the issue you’re facing, we’ve put together a list of common signs that your garage door motor is broken and you’ll need garage door repair. Check it out below!

Common Signs of A Broken Garage Door Motor

1. Your Garage Door Motor is Vibrating

One of the most obvious signs to look out for is a vibrating garage door motor. Under normal operation, a garage door motor shouldn’t be producing excessive vibrations. This is an issue that you definitely won’t want to ignore. Excessive vibration could be a sign that something is loose or damaged inside the garage door motor housing. By neglecting this, you could even run the risk of the motor coming loose from its installation point and causing damage to your vehicle or property.

2. Your Garage Door Motor Is Making Loud Noises

Pay attention to the sounds produced when you open or close your garage door. Is it making excessive noise or strange sounds that cause alarm? If so, it could indicate issues with your garage door motor. In some cases, your garage door motor may have reached the end of its lifespan and will need replacement. If your motor is relatively new and otherwise in good condition – there could be a simple fix that will resolve the problem.

3. Your Garage Door Opens and Closes Too Slowly

If you have noticed that your garage door is taking longer than normal to open or close – this is definitely worth investigating. A slow-moving garage door could point to a number of problems with the motor or other parts of the garage door system. It also can be quite frustrating to have to wait a long time for your garage door to open or close! In any case, this is a common sign that you’ll want to seek out garage door repair near you.

4. Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close At All

If your garage door won’t operate at all – the motor is often at fault. This type of malfunction can be quite frustrating as it will leave you unable to load your vehicle in and out of the garage, disrupting your busy routine. The fix for this could range from a simple part replacement to a complete replacement of your garage door motor – so you will definitely want to seek out the help of people who specialize in garage door repair in Marco Island.

Trust Island Garage Doors to Fix Your Faulty Motor

Ready to get to the bottom of your garage door problems once and for all? That’s what we do best at Island Garage Door! Our team of expert technicians will be able to fully inspect your garage door system to identify exactly which components are causing any issues. We offer same day emergency service, so you can get your garage door back up and running in no time. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to repair an overhead garage door, give us a call.

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